Last year Messi was the official cover-star of FIFA 17. He was, just like Cristiano Ronaldo, the highest rated player in the game both with a 99 rating. But if you want to use your fifa 18 coins the right way, you will have to know  the ratings. We were all very curious who would be the cover-star of FIFA 18 and if it would be, again, the highest rated player in de game. We have done our research and have found the official cover-star of FIFA 18 and the highest rated player in the game at this point! So just keep reading and you will found out!

The official cover-star

Previous year Cristiano Ronaldo was the highest rated player in FIFA 17, just like his colleague Messi. So it’s likely you already have guessed who is going to be this year’s official cover-star. Yes, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo! He is Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer and one of the most famous players in the world. In FIFA 18 the Journey he will lead a cast of football stars and new characters. It’s also possible to get the FIFA 18 Ronaldo edition and have the possibility to play the game three days earlier. And you have to find out how to use your cheap fifa 18 coins.

The highest rated player

The highest rated player is a different player than the one who’s in your head. That’s all because of the first time release of FIFA Ultimate Team Icons. The Icons are a few of the best players of all time who will return in their best form. And that’s why this year’s highest rated player isn’t Ronaldo or Messi but… Pele! His 1970 card has a rating of 98 and some say it’s the best card in FIFA ever. So use your fifa 18 ultimate team coins well.

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