On Friday evening, as previously communicated, the second selection of Road to the final players was released within FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. Not a complete team, but seven Champions League and three Europa League RTTF tickets. These are only available in packages for three days. In addition, there are two RTTF related squad building challenges and the TOTW upgrade has been reduced to the game.

New functions in the game

Side Regate

Move with more agility. Attract the defense. Get over it with speed or skill. The new side dribble adds a new dimension to the offensive game in FIFA 20.

Controlled Tickets

Recover possession through active touch inputs and new animations that reward defensive accuracy.

Technical Finish

It ends at the right time in one-on-one duels. Take a risk with volleys and long shots. Improved shots bring more realism against the goal in FIFA 20.

Difference between the first and second road to the final selection

The second Road to the Final selection is significantly less than the first released by Electronic Arts. This was also the case with the Ultimate Scream promotion. Seven interesting cards, but not as good as the first selection. Bale is by far the most expensive card and this also looks like a very good card.

Players with the greatest potential

Last week it was remarkable that a player from Manchester United and Arsenal was missing within the Europa League RTTF selection. There are two teams in advance that have the most potential to get far at the moment within the Europa League. Just like Chelsea and Arsenal last year. Then Alonso and Mkhitaryan got a very good upgrade. Immobile is a striking choice. Lazio is practically disabled, unfortunately.

This case is also applying to Atalanta in the Champions League. This also makes the SBC not very interesting for RTTF Gómez.

The release of a renewed concept

As a second SBC a renewed concept has been released. One that we already know from the League SBCs. Within the ‘Road to their First Final’ SBC you have the choice between Gueye and Angelino when you have completed the full SBC. The TOTW upgrade SBC was released with the wrong requirements. This SBC was returned to the correct format.

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