EA really has to start believing, more and more games from the publisher are under attack. The company has already received quite a lot of criticism at the Star Wars Battlefront 2 release and this fuss has now also been skipped at FIFA 18. Fans are all but happy with the FIFA 18 microtransactions!

In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team you can choose to open packages. In these packages you will find players and all sorts of other items that you can use to reinforce or sell your team for in-game money. One such package costs 150 FIFA points, which is converted into real money about 1.40 euros. What you get in your package is completely random, but more often has a disappointing than a positive outcome

FIFA 18 Microtransactions

These microtransactions in FIFA are almost always accepted by the gamer. People were annoyed on the one hand, but never expressed this frustration. Until now, players have started a campaign called #FixFIFA. There are posts on Reddit and Twitter, videos on YouTube and a petition has started that already has about 27,000 signatures.

Reddit user PuRe_SSROCK said about the campaign the following:

“The packs are completely RNG and have terrible drop rates, you can spend $ 1.50 and get the best player in the game, or spend thousands of dollars and get NOTHING People with the best team in the game have spent a whopping $ 8,000 + to acquire it, which is absurd especially for a yearly game. “

But the microtransactions are not the only thing the fans bend over. The hashtag FixFIFA is also used to indicate that the game has to change, because it is simply not fair that EA with the microtransactions takes so much money with a game with hooks and eyes.

A serious initiative that is becoming more and more popular among the gamers. What do you think of the action?

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