There are a lot of questions how to activate a new account on the PlayStation (PSN network) and Xbox (Xbox Live network). When you buy a new Mule Account for FIFA Ultimate Team, the seller will send you further details regarding the activation of your new FIFA account. If you don’t get that activation mail.. you can always follow this guide written in another language but translated to English by Google translate.

Activate and log in PSN FIFA MULE ACCOUNT:
To use an account on your system that was created on another device, such as another PS Vita system, log in with this account at Sony Entertainment Network on your system. Perform this procedure in a place where you can connect your system to the Internet.

You can link an existing account, to connect the system to a PS3 ™ system or a computer so you can use the same account on your system. See “Linking an account via a PS3 ™ system or a computer.” If you do not have an account, see “Create an Account”.

Select (Settings)> [Start]> [PSNSM]> [Register].
If you are already logged into your system, [Register] is not displayed.
Select [Use an existing account]
Enter the login ID and password for the account you created on another device and select [Next].
The account is linked to your system and your login ID and password are stored on your system.

For example, unless you manually sign out, you remain signed in PSNSM. This gives you easier access to the online features.When making your system fails to connect to a network, you may be logged by the system.

Activate and login Xbox Live FIFA NEW Account

If both the current Microsoft account as the target Microsoft account satisfy the above conditions, you can move as your Xbox profile and gamertag follows:

Sign in to your profile on your Xbox 360 console.
Go to Settings and select Account.
Go right for Your Information, and select Account Security.
Select Change Microsoft account and then select Yes.
Enter the password for the Microsoft account that is currently associated with your gamertag, and then select Sign in.

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